Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Lunch Girl

So, I love to cook. If you know me that's no surprise. I've recently decided to take a 'break' to figure out just what it is that I want to do. I'm no different than most, money is an issue, so I'm trying to dig deep within and find out I can do to make money, have fun and fulfill my passion. Hence, the cooking love within me; I'm going to give it a go.

I have a friend who tapped my thoughts at lunch recently. She said, "Jennifer, don't work hard, work smart." She appealed to me in more ways than one. Too much to type, but she put my thoughts into play; That isn't not one thing you do, it's several things. People are becoming resourceful now, hence the downturn of the economy.
I'm going put my passion to work! So I've put in calls to friends who work in office buildings, friends who work on job sites (construction, projects). There's a huge need for meals, good meals and ones that are brought to them.

I'm pulling from my collection of recipes, making them early on Monday and delivering 'plates' on site. We'll see how it goes. I'm not going to allow myself to get caught up in the 'what ifs", I'm just doing it. To paraphrase a radio broadcast of a guy who worked 9 years at a sawmill, where in a break room a co-worker asked him, "When are you going to stop talking about it, and do it?"...that piece of radio broadcast sent volumes to me. And to paraphrase Steve Jobs; "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart."

To do: Follow your dreams, dream big and all that stuff. Don't let red tape or details get in your way. We are all just passing through...that's deep, but true.

Take Care of your dreams, before you are old and out of time.

Nurse Jenny aka "Lunch Girl"

Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Summer

It's been far too long since Nurse Jenny has blogged. I've been tied up with Facebook. I've fallen victim to social media. Oh, the guilt. Facebook is powerful, it pulls you in like vortex. It keeps me from doing things I should, washing, cleaning, etc...the up side is I've connected with so many long lost friends I'd otherwise not see or hear from until you pick up the paper one day and read in an obit. How depressing. On a lighter note, I've reconnect with my cousin who lives in Tampa. Our grandfather's brothers, two of 12 kids. Her grandfather was Emmit Richey. I nearly named my second child Emmit. To know him was to love him. Kristin and I have so much in common. Even after so long. We are so cut from the same cloth. It's nice to reconnect after so long.

It's summer and that can mean only one thing. BEACH. Ahhhh. The water, the crashing waves...Sea spray. The wind blowing and sun beaming down on my face. It's time. Leaving tomorrow for Rosemary Beach, High Pointe Condo just east of Destin. I cannot wait. The "Beach". It's where I married my sweet husband. We had the most beautiful wedding. That day was perfect, or nearly so. Brad was a little drunk when said our I do's....He swayed a little, thanks to his good friend Chuck who flew in from Seattle to make sure he had a 'last round of golf and shots of tequila" at Pink Pony Pub in Gulf Shores. Later that night, Chuck was so drunk he fell into the glass coffee table in his room. That was a nice bill for him I'm sure. My best friend, Carla and I forgot our rings from Beach club girl's room. We had to marry with my best friends' wedding band. I'll never forget it.

The weather that July 26th 2003 was perfect...sun nearly setting, perfect ceremony with all our friends, oohs and ahhs from the balcony as I walked out. The guy we hired to play guitar was playing an acoustic Tesla's Love Song intro. I wish I could go back and do it again.

I hope to live on the beach someday....I arrive and any troubles I have soon vanish. I thank God for creating such a beautiful place, a place I go to for refuge, to clear the cobwebs from my mind....a place where my soul dwells.
Happy Summer.

Do; Get away from it all...go to the beach even if for a weekend. You deserve it.

Don't; Drink Tequila and say your vows. It's all a HAZE!!!

Take care of yourself- and your soul, no one else will.

Nurse Jenny

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Idiot for Hire, Ask Coach Saban

OH MY, we beat the pants off of the GA Bulldogs. I will not say cannot make me...I'm not secretly hoping we'll win the SEC or even beat every opponent this season. I'm simply enjoying the moment.
I told a good friend, I'm not and will not let myself get wrapped up in the WINS, or as Coach Saban would say, "Fall in love with the score". That isn't realistic. As soon as we can put our Kool Aid back on the shelf, and just enjoy without being arrogant, there's much more to enjoy.
I think if you go into a football season, hopefull, optimistic, but prepared for losses, it's much more enjoyable. Hat's off to our coach. You finally are getting the respect you so derserve...
I enjoyed the ESPN post game interview, Coach Saban immediatly began critiquing our second half preformance. He has his eye on the prize, not the score, the papers or polls. And you must admit, that's pretty noble of him and so attractive, AL fan or not.
John Parker Wilson, you did a fantastic're so focused and poised now. What happened?? It's like the pressure is gone. It's Saban's laser eyes isn't it? I hear he can lite a smoke from 40 yards with those eyes. And while we're talking about eyes, boy you do have some pretty baby blues... Now get out there you sexy thing, and complete more passes!!!!!!

Ever asked a stupid question? You know the minute it leaves your lips (Oh SHIT, I cannot beleive I asked that!) Blood rushes to your face, you feel that big gulp in your throat and suddenly you have to poop. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall when the media asks a stupid, or maybe even a not so stupid question to Nick Saban? I truly could watch him do Q & A's for hours on end hoping some dumbass, media intern asks him a question that sends him reeling.
I am sure there are a few, even heard of some really bold soles being paid to go to pressers and ask questions that only deserve the cruelest of responses.

Are there any idiots who might have the guts to ask Coach Saban a stupid question again?? One who might leagally gain access to the presser as a reporter or writer.
One would ask what thinks about "The Auburn Spread" or if he could offer advice to Auburn's OC? What type of response that would illicit? It might just clear the room before he had a chance to even respond.

So...inquiring minds want to know. Ask Coach Saban! if you ask him one of these questions listed above and it is aired on television, I'll come to your home and perssonally cook the best country fried steak dinner you've ever eaten, complete with sides (rice and gravy, bread and sweet tea) If you are arrested, you're on your own! If you sustain any injury from Coach Saban's laser eyes, I am not responsible. All for fun and a good meal per Nurse Jenny. Good luck, and I'll be watching.


Nurse Jenny

Watch out Kentucky!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life is Full of Disappointment and Surprise

Today my oldest son turns 15! I'm officially old as hell. This year has been a whirl wind. He fractured his arm 3 (yes, three) times. He had surgery in May then fractured the same place in football practice two weeks ago. Poor guy, through all of this he's learned about patience and disappointment. He's learned that sometimes God throws a monkey wrench in your plans, but you have to pick up the pieces and go on. He's learned to write left handed (Pseudo-south paw) and to take a shower with a trash bag on...What a year. As Konye West would say "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger".. Whatever Yo.

It's officially FALL. Clear blue skies and OH MY can you smell football in the air?? If you read or have read any of my blog, you'll know I'm just a "skoash" tainted with the football bug. I love it. WOW! What a season so far.
Can you say, "ROLL TIDE"??? Say it with me....come on...(Aubies I know you're reading) yep Chuckles that means you too. After this coming Saturday's game against Georgia, baring AL pulls off a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y ( 14-24 ALABAMA!!!) I'll go so far to say...."Bama is back". But you won't hear that from my lips until then.

My mailbox is wrapped in grapevine twine and hounds tooth,(Crimson power!)
ALABAMA flag waves proudly, not only on Monday and Friday, but 7 days a week on my Volvo. I have our "Bama" room collage of pictures, dusted and neatly arranged. New furniture signifies a new season and a rebirth of a new era in AL football. Yes, Nick Saban I love you. Even though you're much shorter than Shula, you can out-wit any other man on earth. I'm erecting a statue of you in my garden. OK not really but I really LOVE you!!!

I was cleaning out the Bama Room first game week. I ran across this old football. A football we acquired somehow (won on AL.COM)in "01 or so. This football was autographed by none other than the great Coach Mike Dubose. I took a good look at it, nearly flat of air, signature faded to point I asked myself "Why am I even keeping this shit in here?" It represents a time I'd soon forget and I thought for a know, we haven't had a decent season since! What an ass! He's jinxing BAMA FOOTBALL! That day, I wondered if Forrest would care If I chunked it...I pondered what to do with it. Maybe put it on ebay as a joke...Or thought of taking it off the "Bluff" here in Hoover and chucking it as far as I could....In haste, I took that old Mike Dubose autographed football that sabotaged our football seasons since 2001 and threw it in the woods behind our house. Maybe, just maybe the curse is OVER!!!!! It's because of him AL suffered NCAA violations and scandal. So today, I hope he fat Phil are sitting somewhere chugging down sweet tea, mustard and biscuits pondering their next coaching jobs. It's taken some time, but how sweet it VERY sweet it is to be near the top again.

Take care of your football team, no one else will.

Nurse Jenny

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jenny's Faves

We all have things we just love, life's indulgences or simple pleasures. So I started making mental notes of products and things that I love and wanted to share. Hey, I'm no Oprah and it's only half fun enjoying them alone. Sharing mine is like having a party with friends! So here we go.

No. 1 ***** Bath and Body Works SUGAR SCRUB!

My good friend, Jameela gave me Bath and Body Works, Sugar Scrug two years ago for my birthday. Can you say, "Spa-ctacular?" In an instant you feel it! It's literally like a skin makeover. Scrub those wintery-dry scaley legs down from your heels up the leg and work in a circular motion. It feels like you just walked off the beach and you'll have a sexy glow. I like Vanilla Lavender (sexy, get you ready for bed aroma) or Mandarin Lime that energizes you all day. BBW $20.

No. 2 ***** Blistix LIP MEDIX

WONDERFUL! Keeps your kissers plump and chap free. My head doesn't hit the pillow at night without running a layer of my lips. Contains a bit of Camphor and Menthol. Just enough to settle you in for your beauty rest. What a comfort for chapped or sunburned lips. Walgreen's $2.99

NO. 3 **** Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Girls, matte skin is out of style. We all need a little glow, something to make us stand out a bit. I found Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick. Brush on and drag across the bridge of your nose, your cheeks and forehead. It gives you a nice healthy glow. It's also great to freshen up mid- day or just before your date arrives. Try Pink Quartz. Belk- BB Counter $36

No. 4. Lipstick Jungle

Ok onto a few indulgences I love, love, love. Equal to that of my first love, but what the hell happened to the new episodes?? (Grey's Anatomy) I'm so over it. One word "Writers' Strike". So, ditch the re-runs and get on board. Steamy, sexy, big time NO NO's are all involved here,but damn, it's hot and funny. Come on over to NBC (I can hear the chimes already) tune in Thurs. 9 PM

No. 5 Gone Country ***
Friday nights will never be the same. John Rich Singer of the Country Duo, Big and Rich hosts and challenges 7 perfomers to new town.. NASHVILLE. It's all about Country. Who'll be the next big Country Star? This series inclues; Dee Snider, Maureen McCormick aka Marsha Brady, Bobby Brown (Whitney's X) Sisquo and a few more. It's a hoot. So far, Bobby Brown is lazy and tries to start trouble with Dee Snider, who is actually very cool. Maureen McCormick is very likeable as well. This show is addicting. It's my new show, like I needed another one. As in all reality series There's drama, fun, crying and real life struggles. Watch it while on the treadmill. CMT Tues and Fri's (check listings)

No. 6 Slim Fast Optima Peanut Butter Crunch

Sweets used to not be a problem. Then along came 35. That all changed. My love for Butterfingers soares like a bald Eagle flying through Opelika, AL (YEE HAW!). Since I'm trying to shape up and get my pre-Gage figure back, I've learning some new tricks. I found a peanut butter bar that tastes wonderful. They're small, as well they should be. But they get rid of my sweet tooth and helps me get through my Butterfinger Cravings when nothing else will do. 1 bar 120 cals, 4 fat grams, eat as a snack, not a meal or your'll eat the entire box. A great alternative if dieting or just watching your calories. Your tastebuds won't know the difference. Publix $2.69 box of 6

No. 7 Cherry -Pom Not-So-Tini
I love to have a martini, but not at home. Sometimes it's all just a little too fussy to pour up the shaker with ice, a jigger of this, little of that....when all your really want is a glass full of relaxing alcohol.. That is why I came up with the Cherry Pom, Not- So-Tini. Ice, GOOD Vodka, Sky or Ketel One, Cherry-Pomograntit juice, Roses Sweetened Lime Juice and a splash of soda. Stir and Enjoy. Delishhhhh! It's so light, refreshing and never, ever fussy. Cherry Pom is available at Publix (Small bottle) is around $4.

Monday, January 28, 2008

No One Likes A Smart Ass- The Myth of the MIL

It's Monday and I'm in a decent mood. The sun is shining and it's getting warmer. I have a lot to do today, so I'll go ahead and get the complaints out of the way.

There's nothing like having In-Laws. I think I could have gone all of my life without them. When my husband dropped down to one knee on the porch of my apartment nearly five years ago this month, knowing the In-Laws now, I should have asked; Can we just date for like 15 years? But once you've bought the token, you have to ride. And the last year of my marriage has been anything but a joy ride.

I've bitched about them before (The MIL) but I deleted the post out of guilt that my hubby might read my blog and get his feelings hurt. But today, I don't give a rip. I had a revelation a couple weeks ago, seeing as I'm 37 years old, and quite entitled to my opinion and views e(especially when it comes to our lives and children). So I've been firing off my humble -but-accurate opinions of them to my husband and anyone else who cares to listen. I always thought it was a myth, the whole thing about the Mother In Law/Daughter relationship. I'm here to say, it's real.

There's something about a woman who has Mothered, but not given birth to her children. I think it's the tearing,pain, and the blood, sweat and tears of giving birth. It really puts things into prospective. God gives most women who have birthed their babies a sense of selflessness, an innate ability to care and love that the devil himself couldn't put a wedge between. In other words you grow up, right there on the spot and suddenly nothing else matters. I think that is one very small part of why my MIL is such a monster. She is the polar opposite of a true, biological Mother. She's more like a Nanny from Hell. Or that Aunt with a big hairy mole on her chin who always wants to get right up in your face. I'm exaggerating her a bit, she doesn't have the mole but she has the eye. One eye that drifts as your talking. You're not sure it she's looking at you or the person behind you?? Whatever, it's symbolic and matches her personality to no end.

My MIL is in costant competition, and almost childlike with everyone, especially me. She is right, ALL OF THE TIME. She's an Educator and probably knows more than me, I can't argue. But SHE IS RUDE (she's Northern, go figure) and that is inexcusable. She clips articles about; Sun Exposure, Smoking, Cat dander... Anything that she can indirectly aim at me, cowardly tucking away in my son's diaper/day bag for me to read later. I have thoughts of saving them and making a collage along with all those credit card applications that come in the mail. All are unsolicited and unwanted . Lastly, I hate innuendos. She's the QUEEN at dropping them, with a goofy laugh and toothy grin. Cleverly, she takes didgs on me, them and disguises them as if she's giving you a compliment or advice. It pisses me off to realize later in the conversation, she wasn't kind being at all. She was being a SMART ASS. And you and I both know, no one, especially when it's coming from your spouses' Mom...NO ONE LIKES A SMART ASS.

OK, I digress, it's pointless. She'll be on the road back to Maine come May. We have plans to go there in June for their 50th Anniversary. I'm contemplating having my Gallbladder removed that week or some elective surgery that might get me out of the trip. I think I'd rather have a colonoscopy with no anesthesia than to be paraded around with the MIL and an agenda chock-full of places to visit like the Bangor Museum, Dusty historic sites, and long canoe trips on the Penobscot where I'm sure I'll hear that I'm out of shape and "paddle harder!" It's like Meet the Parents only she isn't retired CIA, but damn she could be.

TO DO: Say what you mean, don't hold it in for weeks until it eats your esophagus raw with GI acid. You'll just end up with and Endoscopy and fried on Versed and Demerol for two days (that wasn't a terrible thing) Stress will hurt you. And bottled feelings cause stress. GET IT OUT!

Focus; On Spring, it's right around the corner, warmer weather and sunny days are coming. The days will get longer and there's more time outdoors. Grill out and have a beverage with friends. Friends and laughter are good for the soul.

Take care of yourself, no one else will.

Nurse Jenny

Monday, November 05, 2007

I'm Listening God....

Today I'm searching for myself....Looking deep into who I am and what I want out of life. You know those days when you feel like, something is missing...So you think what is it? Well I've been looking a long time and I'm close to finding it, I know. I met a girl last week who was a vendor at Christmas Village at he BJCC. She makes hand bags and shoulder purses, hand knit scarves and ponchos. She put such a cool touch on her things, I immediately knew I'd found my favorite booth at Christmas Village. For a moment I found my self quite envious...Then as I bought one of her many items we talked and I quickly found that this person mirrored my personality. She said she'd found her way and her niche' by sewing Christmas stockings for her four children and had to "screw up to find out what she could really do". She said "God put it in her lap". I felt encouraged to hear her echo my thoughts of what inspired her and what doesn't and to see even still how successful she is! Her name is Heaven, and she's my new friend! Check out her site for really hip hobo bags, hand knit items such as scarves and ponchos. She has some beautiful things that any girl with great taste would love!!! I bought a shoulder bag with a leather flap. Heaven burned (branded) my initial in the flap along with some cool designs. It's awesome. The Bag Girl is located here in Alabama.

I'm listening for a voice inside of me. My creative voice, the call of nature that drives me to cook, pick out clothing for my kids, decorate the house for Halloween, create birthday themes, come up with crazy stories to tell my kids, rymthes and songs and even write. The drive that lights the way to go, to find the spark in me for once. I know it's there, but I can't make it happen. I feel like I could burst at times in frustration because I know there's something that God wants me to do. I want so badly to tap into the creative side of me that I know is there, but for some reason won't show it's beautiful face. I feel like I can do thousand things '"well" and for that I'm thankful, but I can't for the LIFE of me find the one thing that will catapult into a fun past-time and the passion that sooths my soul. This girl found hers and talked to me at lenght about how she got started. What a true inspiration!

So this is my prayer today~ Lord, please lead me in the direction you have intended. Help me to be faithful in you, that you will show me that path to explore and help unveil what is that I cannot find alone. Thank you for your blessings, Lord. I pray you'll bless my family and the people who lead me to you and your son, Jesus Christ, my savior and redeemer. Thank you for my blessings of loving family and friends and those who have help shape my life.

So excuse me, I've got work to do...I'm jumping in to find what it is I'm meant to do. I sorta feel Like Earl Hickey (my Name is Earl). Thanks for reading. I hope that God leads you where you want to go today.

Nurse Jenny