Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life is Full of Disappointment and Surprise

Today my oldest son turns 15! I'm officially old as hell. This year has been a whirl wind. He fractured his arm 3 (yes, three) times. He had surgery in May then fractured the same place in football practice two weeks ago. Poor guy, through all of this he's learned about patience and disappointment. He's learned that sometimes God throws a monkey wrench in your plans, but you have to pick up the pieces and go on. He's learned to write left handed (Pseudo-south paw) and to take a shower with a trash bag on...What a year. As Konye West would say "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger".. Whatever Yo.

It's officially FALL. Clear blue skies and OH MY can you smell football in the air?? If you read or have read any of my blog, you'll know I'm just a "skoash" tainted with the football bug. I love it. WOW! What a season so far.
Can you say, "ROLL TIDE"??? Say it with me....come on...(Aubies I know you're reading) yep Chuckles that means you too. After this coming Saturday's game against Georgia, baring AL pulls off a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y ( 14-24 ALABAMA!!!) I'll go so far to say...."Bama is back". But you won't hear that from my lips until then.

My mailbox is wrapped in grapevine twine and hounds tooth,(Crimson power!)
ALABAMA flag waves proudly, not only on Monday and Friday, but 7 days a week on my Volvo. I have our "Bama" room collage of pictures, dusted and neatly arranged. New furniture signifies a new season and a rebirth of a new era in AL football. Yes, Nick Saban I love you. Even though you're much shorter than Shula, you can out-wit any other man on earth. I'm erecting a statue of you in my garden. OK not really but I really LOVE you!!!

I was cleaning out the Bama Room first game week. I ran across this old football. A football we acquired somehow (won on AL.COM)in "01 or so. This football was autographed by none other than the great Coach Mike Dubose. I took a good look at it, nearly flat of air, signature faded to point I asked myself "Why am I even keeping this shit in here?" It represents a time I'd soon forget and I thought for a moment...you know, we haven't had a decent season since! What an ass! He's jinxing BAMA FOOTBALL! That day, I wondered if Forrest would care If I chunked it...I pondered what to do with it. Maybe put it on ebay as a joke...Or thought of taking it off the "Bluff" here in Hoover and chucking it as far as I could....In haste, I took that old Mike Dubose autographed football that sabotaged our football seasons since 2001 and threw it in the woods behind our house. Maybe, just maybe the curse is OVER!!!!! It's because of him AL suffered NCAA violations and scandal. So today, I hope he fat Phil are sitting somewhere chugging down sweet tea, mustard and biscuits pondering their next coaching jobs. It's taken some time, but how sweet it is....how VERY sweet it is to be near the top again.

Take care of your football team, no one else will.

Nurse Jenny

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bobb said...

Well well well,
If it's not one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, emerging from the depths of house pimping or whatever it is you call that stuff you're doing. I be looking forward to the nurse being back in the house!!!
Your long lost pal,