Thursday, October 02, 2008

Idiot for Hire, Ask Coach Saban

OH MY, we beat the pants off of the GA Bulldogs. I will not say cannot make me...I'm not secretly hoping we'll win the SEC or even beat every opponent this season. I'm simply enjoying the moment.
I told a good friend, I'm not and will not let myself get wrapped up in the WINS, or as Coach Saban would say, "Fall in love with the score". That isn't realistic. As soon as we can put our Kool Aid back on the shelf, and just enjoy without being arrogant, there's much more to enjoy.
I think if you go into a football season, hopefull, optimistic, but prepared for losses, it's much more enjoyable. Hat's off to our coach. You finally are getting the respect you so derserve...
I enjoyed the ESPN post game interview, Coach Saban immediatly began critiquing our second half preformance. He has his eye on the prize, not the score, the papers or polls. And you must admit, that's pretty noble of him and so attractive, AL fan or not.
John Parker Wilson, you did a fantastic're so focused and poised now. What happened?? It's like the pressure is gone. It's Saban's laser eyes isn't it? I hear he can lite a smoke from 40 yards with those eyes. And while we're talking about eyes, boy you do have some pretty baby blues... Now get out there you sexy thing, and complete more passes!!!!!!

Ever asked a stupid question? You know the minute it leaves your lips (Oh SHIT, I cannot beleive I asked that!) Blood rushes to your face, you feel that big gulp in your throat and suddenly you have to poop. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall when the media asks a stupid, or maybe even a not so stupid question to Nick Saban? I truly could watch him do Q & A's for hours on end hoping some dumbass, media intern asks him a question that sends him reeling.
I am sure there are a few, even heard of some really bold soles being paid to go to pressers and ask questions that only deserve the cruelest of responses.

Are there any idiots who might have the guts to ask Coach Saban a stupid question again?? One who might leagally gain access to the presser as a reporter or writer.
One would ask what thinks about "The Auburn Spread" or if he could offer advice to Auburn's OC? What type of response that would illicit? It might just clear the room before he had a chance to even respond.

So...inquiring minds want to know. Ask Coach Saban! if you ask him one of these questions listed above and it is aired on television, I'll come to your home and perssonally cook the best country fried steak dinner you've ever eaten, complete with sides (rice and gravy, bread and sweet tea) If you are arrested, you're on your own! If you sustain any injury from Coach Saban's laser eyes, I am not responsible. All for fun and a good meal per Nurse Jenny. Good luck, and I'll be watching.


Nurse Jenny

Watch out Kentucky!!!

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bobb said...

I just completed a speed-reading course and this is all I comprehended:

"lite a smoke"
"paper or polls"
"the minute it leaves your lips"
"get out there you sexy thing"